Meet Tricia Bart


I was desperate for a better way.

I was living my dream! Touring the country as a working actress transforming young hearts and minds through the stories we shared.

Then the news hit.

A new flu strain was hitting schools hard. And all I could think was, "I just can’t get sick...again." I had barely recovered from my usual bout of back-to-school-itis with the Winter yuck and Spring muck to look forward to. I was so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired ALL THE TIME, and frankly, the seven over the counter and prescription meds I took every day weren't doin' it.


Soon after, an email arrived from a friend about something that might help. I had tried so many other options, I almost laughed. But somehow, this time felt different. I saw a lifeline being thrown to me. Not something else just to manage symptoms, but rather a whole-life, wellness system, a way to be proactive about my health. I jumped in with both feet!


That was in 2007, and I was blown away by how quickly I felt like myself again. I kicked all those drugs to the curb and haven't looked back since.


Fast Forward to 2012

My elderly mom came to live with us. During our seven years together (the last three as her full-time caregiver--don't know how we would have managed without my home-based biz income,) I experienced under a magnifying glass the devastating impact of her lifestyle-related illness. I felt so powerless watching her life get smaller and smaller till just walking to the bathroom exhausted her and going out other than to doctor appointments or the emergency room wasn't an option. It taught me lessons in courage, resilience, and self-care. Lessons I’m not sure I would have signed on for if I’d known in advance all that was coming. Yet I am so grateful for that time with Mom, even the super hard parts, and for the ways I grew because of that experience.


I also learned...

There is so much about getting older that no one tells you. Don't even get me started. I've learned how to curb those hot flashes, even be highly functional with fibro (still meds-free after all these years!) And I know it doesn’t have to look like it did for my mom. I’m excited to be aging like one of the “Golden Girls” -- active, vibrant, sexy, funny, and tap dancing into retirement. Luckily, those simple wellness steps I learned all those years ago still work.


Now it's your turn.

I'm here to listen, dig in, and help you untangle those challenges. I’ve been in private practice since 2009 offering wellness strategies, done tons of research, created easy-to-use resources, and helped hundreds of others like us. Now it's your turn.


Come join our group and learn how you can chart your own path to "stay golden" with the knowledge and information we share in our exclusive community.


Life is complicated enough. Living well doesn't have to be.

Ready to learn more?
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 How to Ignite a Social Media Audience: And Get More Likes, Comments, and Shares

How to Ignite a Social Media Audience: And Get More Likes, Comments, and Shares

with Special Guest: Annie Schiffmann

Putting out content on social media that no one responds to is frustrating, wastes time, and doesn’t get you the results you want. In this special session, award-winning social media content creator, Annie Schiffmann, takes you through a framework to get more likes, comments, and shares on your posts.

Annie Schiffmann (Chief Strategist, CEO, founder of Downstage Media, and YL oiler!) believes when people experience the performing arts on a regular basis they change for the better. An award-winning actress and content creator, she started Downstage Media to give brands social media strategies that engage audiences. Because engaged audiences show up.


 Oils & Romance 💗

Oils & Romance 💗

Are you ready to increase the romance in your love life? Then you are not going to want to miss this class!

I'll be sharing secrets and tips to help boost your libido, gain confidence, and bring a spark to the bedroom with that special someone along with fun recipes to enhance the experience!

Join us for a fun conversation via Zoom.


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Updates from Tricia Bart

5 Tips for Stress-free Holiday Gifting!

5 Tips for Stress-free Holiday Gifting!
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s also a time of year that can bring a lot of stress if we let it. I remember years of feeling like I needed to buy “a little something” for so many people on our holiday giving list. Running from store to store, not really knowing what I was looking for, hoping that inspiration would strike, and praying that I’d be able to walk away with something left in my bank account. I’d be exhausted, less than thrilled about the purchases, and facing credit card bills come January.

A few years ago, I made a shift, a decision to simplify my holidays, give gifts that I love and make myself, and that are easy on the budget. And because I have made it a personal mission to help others uncomplicate their lives, too, I’m going to share to my top five tips for stress-free holiday gifting.

1. 🎅 Do it like Santa: Make a List and Check it Twice
Not to make this feel like work (although if you’re reading this, your holidays probably already remind you of the worst boss you ever had,) jotting down a few ideas is going simplify things soooo much! Write down who you’d like to gift a little something this year. Do you need to mail anything and by when? When do you have time in your schedule to make a batch of goodies and get them packaged so they can be in the mail on time? (Leave a comment below to subscribe to my Blog, and I’ll send you my Easy Holiday DIY Recipes booklet which includes a page just for gift planning to help you feel organized.)

2. Keep it Simple
I love to give gifts of food or gifts that make the recipient feel pampered. I also am not a serious crafter or more than a passable cook, sooooo, I need easy ideas, with limited ingredients, and limited skills required. I also limit the number of items I’m gifting. Everyone on my “little something” list receives the same 2-3 gifts.

My favorite go to’s are bath salts, peppermint bark, and a sweet nut mix. They are all quick and easy to make and will be enjoyed by just about everyone I can think of. I also love than I control the ingredients and can keep them in line with my idea of wellness. If some folks have been on your giving list for several years, they’ll look forward to your peppermint bark each year! Or you can easily swap in different goodies that you rotate through every few years.

You already have your list of recipients, do a quick calc to determine how many batches of each item you’ll need. Make one shopping list and get it done. (ooh, I have a whole recipe book full of ideas, and umm, yes, it has a planner page for your shopping list and info on where I purchase my supplies.)

Tell us in the comments what are you favorite "go to" DIY gifts.

3. Batch your time
Schedule time for creating your gifts. The first time through, you may not know how much will be involved with each project. Set aside a block and work on one item at a time. So for instance, if you have 12 gifts to make and the peppermint bark recipe makes 4 gifts, set aside the time to make all three batches in one block of time. OR if you’re making more than one gift item, you may find it easier to set aside one block of time to get let’s say 4 sets of gifts made, packaged, and out the door.

4. That’s a wrap
I love planning how I’ll wrap my gifts—the presentation to me is almost as important as the gift, but remember, limited Martha skills here. There’s usually not even a glue gun involved.

Start with a color scheme, for instance mine is purple, silver, and bright blue this year. I’m using kraft paper bags. The bags are decorated using a festive holiday rubber stamp with a beautiful royal blue ink. I found small Christmas tree balls and jingle bells in my colors. I’m using silver curling ribbon to string a plain tag, and a selection of different colored balls and jingle bells. Tie all of this onto one of the paper handles and you’re good. So many fun ideas for this.

When it comes to packaging food items, use bags or boxes intended for food. I love using shipping labels to decorate the bags/boxes. has templates for all of their labels making it super easy to create and save something beautiful and personalized. It’s helpful to include ingredients for those with health challenges.

Make the wrapping a family event if possible. The kids and honey will love being part of the process. Make some hot cocoa, put on some holiday music, and let others help you!

5. Use on-line services for postage ✉
There are several options for on-line postage services. I use PayPal. Purchasing an inexpensive postal scale is beyond worth the investment compared to waiting in line at the post office during the holidays. You can print labels on plain paper and use packaging tape to affix them to your box. You can arrange for a pick-up or simply drop off at the post office with limited wait. Sooo easy and stress free.

If you’ve enjoyed these tips, leave a comment below with what you found most helpful, leave the box checked to subscribe to my blog and I'll send you my Easy Holiday DIY Recipes booklet full of easy gifts that will be appreciated, more tips, and some great printable planning pages I designed and use myself.